Children's Education

children learningThanks to our primary sponsor, the Miracle Foundation, all of our children have access to a quality education. This agency supports DKSHA by sending our children to five different schools located in the nearby villages. The Miracle Foundation also helps to support evening tutoring classes for our children which specialize in math, english, science, and computer literacy. Any of our children who happen to suffer from a learning disability are given special attention so that their unique needs may be properly cared for.

DKSHA also supports 20 boys and girls attending higher education. This includes polytechnic training, industrial training, nursing, university schooling, hotel management, etc.

Our Cornerstone orphanage has successfully attained rehabilitation for 76 children. These children have completed their higher education and are now healthy members of society!

DKSHA also provides supplementary education to children who find themselves on the border of dropping out. As a result of our intervention, the number of children attending nearby schools has greatly increased. In turn, the graduation rate has also increased, allowing more and more children to escape the dismal reality that is child labor. DKSHA also helps to support nearly 30 tuition centers located in the surrounding villages.