Here at DKSHA, we believe in fostering a safe and loving environment for all. Those who have fallen through the cracks of society are always welcome under our roof. We work tirelessly to promote human dignity and to give hope to the hopeless.

Our Core Values:


We are committed to nurturing those under our care by exercising patience and humility at all times.


We always hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards no matter the situation.


We are always committed to nurturing a transparent  relationship with the public. We believe that proper communication is key in regards to maintaining trust between our sponsors and our community.

Our Mission:

  • Strive to achieve a 100% literacy rate within the local community
  • Ensure widespread access to medical care
  • Prepare the youth for future employment
  • Create sustainable agricultural practices
  • Promote female empowerment
  • Improve overall water/sanitation facilities

Our Motto:

Help, Care, Build-Up