• The children of DKSHA’s Cornerstone Orphanage: we house orphaned, semi-orphaned, and/or economically orphaned children who have been neglected and are in need of our protection.
  • Child laborers and potential drop-outs: these children live with their families but typically come from poor backgrounds. Many of these families cannot afford to put their children through school. Other families struggle to keep their children from  dropping-out.
    Children Beneficiaries

Local Communities, especially marginalized farmers and women:

  • Most of the people living in our target area are the Dalits – the most oppressed demographic in India. The Dalits are typically landless people who find themselves working as day laborers on the farms of rich landlords. They are considered to be the lowest caste of society and are often forced to live in poverty.
  • Many Dalits women have no choice, but  to single-handedly shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the home. This is due to their husband’s constant need to migrate in order to find work. These men of the Dalits community typically find work as day-laborers. For a single day of work, these men receive a nominal payment which would only amount to less than 1.5 USD. This salary is insufficient enough to feed one person, let alone a family of 4-5.Women Beneficiaries