The Children's Home

children playing

Since 2004, DKSHA has been operating an orphanage coined as the “Cornerstone Home.” This orphanage honors all twelve rights granted to the children as defined by the UNICEF Convention.

children playingDKSHA is currently home to fifty-eight orphaned/semi-orphaned/economically orphaned children. These children live in communal homes which are separated by gender. Each house is run by a House Mother who is in charge of supervising and caring for the children.

All the children residing at the orphanage are provided with wholesome meals, purified water, clean clothes, comfortable beds, private locker spaces, sports equipment, and school supplies. The children are also welcome to pursue their own religious and/or philosophical ideals in whatever manner they feel most comfortable.

The children of DKSHA have formed a close-knit community and often spend a lot of time with one another. DKSHA is also proud to have a social worker on staff (Mrs. Amala) and a regularly scheduled team of tutors that assist with the children’s studies. Our goal is to guide these children through graduation so that they may become responsible, productive, and happy members of society.

children social time